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West Ham United Football Club Safeguarding Policy & Procedures

West Ham United Football Club, it’s Staff, Management and Board of Directors acknowledge its responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of every child, young person and adult at risk who is engaged in our programmes and activities.  We are wholly committed to working to provide a safe environment for all. We have reviewed the Club’s Safeguarding Children and (Adults at Risk), Policy and Procedures and fully endorse and adopt them.

Karren Brady, West Ham United FC Vice-Chairman

SafeguardingPolicy Statement 

West Ham United Football Club (hereafter referred to as the ‘Club’) is committed to ensuring that all children and adults at risk involved in Club programmes and activities enjoy a positive and respectful environment where they are actively protected from harmful experiences. The policy is designed to encourage compliance with relevant legislation and recommended best practice. It emphasises the responsibility of all those involved in working with adults at risk to be alert to signs of abuse and provides for a prompt and effective reporting procedure should abuse be suspected, disclosed or discovered, regardless of the setting in which the abuse has taken place.

Safeguarding Principles

Also, the Club recognises the following principles which underpin our work with all groups and individuals who may have additional needs for support and protection:

  • It is every child and adult’s right to be protected from abuse irrespective of their age, gender identity, faith or religion, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, background, economic position, disability or level of ability.
  • All staff and volunteers share the responsibility for the protection of children and adults at risk and will show respect and understanding for their rights, safety and welfare.
  • The additional vulnerability of disabled adults (including those with invisible disabilities, learning and communication differences) is recognised.
  • Allegations of abuse or concerns about the welfare of any child or adult will be treated seriously and will be responded to swiftly and appropriately.
  • The Club recognises the responsibilities of the statutory agencies and is committed to complying with the Local Safeguarding Adult Board (SAB) procedures and the Care and Support statutory guidance (2015). The Pan London Multi-Agency Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained appropriately always, and the child’s and adult’s safety and welfare must be the overriding consideration when making decisions on whether to share information about them. 
  •  WHUFC will support all children and adults involved in the Club to understand their roles and responsibilities with regards to safeguarding and protecting children and adults at risk, including the responsibility to report all concerns to the Club’s Head of Safeguarding or a Safeguarding Officer.
  • The Club ensures access to training/direct provision of learning opportunities for all staff/volunteers involved in the organisation or delivery of activities appropriate to their role to enable them to make informed and confident responses to safeguarding concerns and adult protection issues.
  • All participants involved in Club activities have the right to be listened to with respect and heard.

Policy Documents

West Ham United Safeguarding Policy & Procedures

Covid-19 Safeguarding Policy Amendment

Key Safeguarding contacts

Club Contacts
Director of Safeguarding & Inclusion (Club DSL) Jackie Ferdinand

07801 406 447
[email protected]

Men's Academy Safeguarding Manager Kate Spencer 07711 560 090
[email protected]
Women's Academy Safeguarding Manager Austin Hughes 07395 261 656
[email protected]
Foundation Safeguarding Manager Claire Priddle 07711 558 915
[email protected]
If you are unsure who to contact, simply contact any member of the team or email [email protected]
Additional Safeguarding Contacts
London Borough of Newham Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) 

020 3373 3803
[email protected]

Or contact your local LADO services

Premier League Safeguarding at the Premier League

0207 864 9000
[email protected]

The FA Safeguarding at the FA

Call 0800 169 1863 and ask to speak to FA Safeguarding
[email protected]


0808 800 5000
[email protected]